Shai Shahar Bio

Born in Washington D.C. Raised in Philadelphia. Shai Shahar is a well known vocal talent in the land of big-budget commercials/ad campaigns/radio jingles and characterizations for animated films.

His voice has been featured by some of the world’s top brands: Bavaria Beer, Samsung LED TV, Hitachi, Vodaphone, Tom Tailor Fashions, Volkswagen..even the Dutch national Lottery.

he has also starred and or produced award-winning multi-media theater productions which toured Europe. Among them, Daniel Landau’s “Channel Shabab” & “The Worlds of Milosh II”. Shai has also appeared “in cameo” in several films, including “Amsterdam Heavy”with Michael Madsen, and as a featured actor in Cris de Meester’s multi-award winning “Art House”movie,  “Four Roses”.

You may also see an Israeli-made documentary about Shai from Yaron ben Nun, titled “Hell’s Angel” .

From 2012-2015 Shai organized and MC’d the first ever Amsterdam-Istanbul International Burlesque Festival, sponsored by the Royal Dutch Consulate of the Netherlands, and attended by diplomats from more than a dozen countries.

Currently you may find him shuttling between Amsterdam & Istanbul in search of great talent,  great adventures and great opportunities.

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